Saturday, July 18, 2009

We Are Home and more great news!

Potato plants
Shipping potatoes. Great "behind" shot as I'm picking up potatoes that have fallen off the truck.
Center pivot irrigation and a new crop of potatoes!!!
Now that's a lot of potatoes!
Moving them from storage to semi truck!
Potatoes are moved along the sorting belts to take out rocks and any potatoes that are cut or spoiled.

We made it home after a wonderful two week vacation in the cool mountains of Colorado! Spending time with family and friends and enjoying the beauty and cool air was a welcome break to our very full life here at home!

*This morning I awoke to the news that the expected birth of our newest family member had occured! I'm a grandma, again! Welcome Clare Marie, and congratulations to Steve and Sara!!! Can't wait to see photos!!!

I cannot wait to stamp again! Have several huge projects to complete and share! Will be posting them later!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I had no idea it took so much work to harvest potatoes!

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