Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NO Fun being SICK!

This is the best description of where I've been and what I've been up to, that I could find. Only difference is that I'm a she and not a he! But when you feel this bad, it really doesn't matter! My bed is littered with tissues, my nose is swollen and raw, my eyes are puffy and weepy, I haven't eaten in days now, and all I can think about is how I wish I could be stamping! You should see the cards I am coming up with in my head! But alas, I am too weak to even sketch them out!
Do I hear violins playing??? Any sympathy out there?

As Arnold says: "I'll be back!"


Danielle said...

Oh Susan I feel for you! This is how I was last week and my poor stamp room didn't see any action for 10 days! I really hope you're feeling better soon!
God bless, Danielle

Rindie said...

Get better soon!

ChrissyM said...

Oh susan I hope you are feeling better. I had the bug a few weeks ago and it kicked my butt. Get well soon!

Susan Shields said...

Thanks for your comments and for the many Get Well emails I received! That really did make me feel "loved"!!!
I am finally feeling back to myself. I haven't been that sick in many, many years, and hope I don't ever have to go thru that again! I didn't know you could sleep so much, or hurt so bad!
Again, thank you to everyone for all your kindness!! You stampers are all the BEST!

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