Monday, February 9, 2009

Hearts into Flowers

Here is my next creation using Raspberry Tart DSP!
I've stamped my heart 4 times, cut them out and layers them into this flower. I also used my Big Shot again and the Top Note Die using Rose Red CS and another pattern piece from RT DSP, cutting the green pattern layer on the dotted line to expose the Rose Red behind.
I finished the flower by using the Big Shot and the Button Die and layered the different sizes on top of one another and using a needle and linen thread, actually sewed them together! This was attached on top with a stampin' dimentional!

Today was a challenging day! I had to change sheets for my son, who spilled a large cup of water in his bed, then proceeded to step in something wet and disgusting, while grooping thru the darkness (we have 2 cats who "yak" alot!) YUK!  After changing my sock.....and no, it ended not being a match to the other foot....I raced out the door. I was late to work. As I climbed into my vehicle I noticed that the visor was down.....and my CD visor full of CD's was gone! Someone had taken it from my van during the night! Now I usually keep things locked up, but my arms were loaded yesterday when we returned home from church and I had thought I might be heading up to get groceries later, and well, we do live on a nice street! It wasn't the first time I left it unlocked, and to be honest, it probably won't be the last time. It's just life!
Wouldn't you think that the events so far would be enough??? Nope...not to be that easy! I come home for lunch most days for a couple of significant reasons. Today I was supposed to bring my daughter's puppy to her for her last period class. Well, due to the rain, and his love for digging and chewing....he was one muddy mess! So, he got to stay home and she went to puppy training class without him. No way was he getting into my vehicle like that!

Ok, so I have survived this day, and am happy to report that these events did not rob me of my joy! So they were inconveniences, but in spite of them all, my days was more than just good! 

Hope the circumstances in your day were not overwhelming and that along the road you found the simple things that cause us to be thankful!

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