Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Go Create a HEARTMADE Card Today!

Isn't blog surfing fun? You can spend hours surfing the net looking for awesome ideas and walk away from your computer totally inspired by the creativity and talent of others! But what do you do with all that information? Does it inspire you to create? Do you run madly to your crafting area and put those ideas to paper? Do you like what you make? Or do you just shake your head and tell yourself that you could never make something like that?

Would it surprise you to learn that most creative stampers have a "trash" pile? Cards that never get posted to their blogs? Mistakes, "dog cards" as I call them, horrible color combinations that just don't measure up....and would be an embarassment to post! I am so guilty of only posting those cards that I think other's would enjoy seeing, while the others get recycled and some even go directly to the trash can!

So, what do you do? Here is what I've learned:

1. Go to websites like Splitcoaststampers and scroll thru the current gallery. Stop and check out the cards that generate lot's of comments. Really give them a hard look. What separates them from the rest? Usually it's lot's of layers, great use of embellishments, and following the latest sketch challenge!

2. Everyone is nervous about their own creations, even some of the best stampers! We see all our imperfections and can even point them out. The secret is understanding that not everyone is looking for those imperfections. No one sees them until you point them out. So, instead of going there, sit back and listen to the "owwwww's and ahhhhh's" and let it sink in that you can create something that others admire!

3. Just the fact that you tried is an encouragement to try again. Keep trying. Practice makes perfect! Well, perfect shouldn't be the goal, after all, creativity is all about beauty in the eye of the beholder! And ultimately your recipient is the one that matters most! What a treasure of the heart to receive something handmade, Heartmade!

Go CREATE, today!

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