Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mini Vacation to Colorado

It's been a long 2 months. My son has been gone that long, leaving his family in our care! He left to help my father with potato harvest and is due to return this coming week! We are very excited!

Having three little ones around 24/7 has been "exciting"! I feel it's brought us all closer together! The littlest one is now potty trained! Can I hear some "HURRAYS"? And the oldest one lost his first tooth. When I spoke to my son last night, he sounded tired, a tad sad, and perhaps homesick! We will surprise him with a whole lot of hugs and his favorite hot dinner!

A little over a week ago, we decided to go up and visit them. Harvest had just finished and they deserved some relaxation time! So, we loaded up the kids, and drove the 10 hours for a 5 day mini vacation! I thought I'd share a few photos! It's quite different scenery from where we live!

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